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Jonathan Knopf--Pit Master

Jonathan was Assistant Pitmaster on the championship BBQ team Ribs Within from 2006 to 2013. Many adventures with his good buddy Doug Keiles, including competing at Meatopia in Oakland, California (2012) and the American Royal in 2013.

Born in Dallas, TX, Jonathan, worked in the restaurant business while going to school. His travels have taken him through states deeply rooted with unique barbecue traditions from Texas to Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Jersey and now Colorado. Moved from New Jersey to Colorado in 2013. 

Jonathan is an avid hunter, fisherman and private pilot. He is Senior Consultant for the Coaching Company, in the television news business.


Brandon Spies--Pit Team Member

Brandon grew up in New Mexico.  After 23 years working in insurance and finance, in 2010, he turned his passion for cooking into a career.  Currently, he is a personal chef in Denver, CO. Many of his clients are professional athletes, mainly with the NFL. Brandon specializes in cooking for clients with severe food allergies.  He is married with three children.


Floyd Bates--Pit Team Member

Floyd is an experienced petroleum engineer whose career has taken him to nearly every state from the swamps of Louisiana to the coast of Alaska.  In his travels he's learned many local cuisines from the true experts - the locals themselves.  Through it all BBQ has remained his passion from his days cooking with his parents. The desire to honor his father’s memory is what drives him to cook and share as much as his friends bellies can hold.  Just the smell of wood smoke takes him back to his rural Texas roots. In addition to BBQ, Floyd is an accomplished brewer, winemaker, distiller, and cheesemaker.  He doesn’t have hobbies, he has addictions.


Jared Sralla--Pit Team Member

Jared grew up in South Texas just out side of Houston. BBQ was always around at every family function, event and outing of any sort.  Raised on his father's side by Czech immigrants and on his mother's side by Cajuns from Louisiana, cooking was always in his heart and soul.  He began competing early on, at an amateur level for various teams, mostly for fun.  As his skills and knowledge progressed, he decided to step up to the big leagues and was invited to join Crazy Coyote BBQ.

Jared has held most every odd job known to man over the years, but for the last 10 years has been in the oil and gas industry.  He has traveled all over the world and all over the Gulf Coast, always making time to try the local meats.  Jared has lived in Colorado for the last two years and enjoys hunting, snowmobiling, horseback riding, hiking and almost anything that lets him be outdoors.  Of course catching him staring at the temperature gauge of his smoker; while enjoying a micro brew with his favorite assistant Ox (his trusty sidekick and dog) isn’t hard to do either. 

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